How To Add People

Organisation admin users can add new members to the club/society using the steps below.  Please note however, that 'Player registration' is a different process and adding an individual to your club database does not mean they have become a registered player.  

*Please note that you will need both a role and permission level 2 or above to access the 'People Module' (Level 1 for Referee Societies). Contact your clubs 'Data officer' or 'Honorary Secretary' in order to be assigned the relevant roles and permissions within your club. 

  • Click on 'Add People' under the 'People' Module > 'Everyone' Grid
  • Insert the mandatory details – first & last name, DOB, Address, gender; exactly as per their details in their current GMS profile (if the email is already in use then use an alternative email address)
  • Click on the 'Next' button
  • The system will try to match 4 of the 5 pieces of information to an existing GMS account.  A notification shows that a matching individual already exists, when you select this record, the user gets emailed a notification to inform they have been added to your club. 


If you know the individual definitely has a GMS account and you do not get the matching individual notification, then please ask the individual to check the details given against their current profile, or check in 'Player Registration v12', otherwise you could create a duplicate profile for the user.

*Any incorrect personal details (e.g. if the wrong DOB is listed in their GMS account); this can be amended once the user has been added to your club’s GMS and under 'Details' in the users profile. 


If the individual does not have a GMS account, then no matching individual notification will show, and you can carry on with the creating a new account for them,  

Top Tips

You can look up their details in 'Player Registration v12' in order to add People in GMS, but please ensure that you add the exact same details, otherwise you will create a duplicate account for the user.

Users can now add a second 'Emergency contact' when filling out their information. This can be done when creating an account or added to an existing account by navigating to the user's 'Profile' > 'Details' - scroll to the bottom of the page.


Coaches can be Coaches at more than one club.  So you will need to add these Coaches to your club as per above using the 'Add People' function, and then assign them the role of 'Coach' with a relevant level of permission. You can then also assign them to a particular team under 'Team Management'.  

If you don’t know how to do this, then please see the Guides for: Assigning a Role; Assigning a Permission Level; assigning a  Coach/Team managerCoach/Team Manager Cannot View Or Edit Team .

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